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Clout Music

The award winning ‘Atmosphere’ provides you with complete musical control of your premises. Ambience is crucial to the success of your business - don’t leave it to chance. Atmosphere is designed to deliver the ambience that is appropriate for your customers, making them feel relaxed and engaging.

Your perfect Atmosphere is only a click away. Once set-up it will automatically play day-to-day and week-to-week without any intervention. Designed to be easy to use, yet deliver the most controlled, unprecedented targeted music.

Up to 4-zones

Atmosphere is available in four models, from a single-zone to a four-zone version. For example, our four-zone version will deliver individually controlled content in up to four areas from one system.

Create the mood

Having multiple zones allows you to target different customers in each area of your premises. For example, providing the Gym Floor with a constant beat, the Changing Rooms with feel-good and the Spa with the relaxation tones required.

Your Atmosphere

We give you the tools to create the perfect Atmosphere for your business! Or, if you would prefer, we will setup and manage remotely for you.

Music stirs the soul and makes you comfortable and relaxed. It connects you with your surroundings, ready to make that decision to work-out, keeping you focused and engaged, thus assisting with membership retention