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Clout Video

Clout TV is a one-stop scalable digital signage solution that provides you with full control of your estate of screens from any PC. We have developed all the technology in-house to create a low-cost, scalable solution that is flexible and simply installed, without the need for IT expertise. A technology that puts you in total control.

Our innovative technology enables a simple Plug and Play installation. Your IT security and Firewall are completely unaffected and we provide full control from any PC connected to the internet, anywhere in the world.

Clout TV enables you to make the best use of your screens in full HD.

An easy-to-use online interface gives you the power, at the click of a button, to entertain your visitors rather than simply bombard them with constant streams of static advertising. Or why sell your space to an outside company?

Upload images, videos, or flash animations, add your message to them or simply combine them with (for example) the latest news headlines, weather or financial figures. Schedule when you want them to play, in which location, and click to deploy!

Integrated bespoke advertising tool

This enables the rapid development of moving advertising using templates, or user supplied SWF files, Movies or images to create a cost-effective graphic design element to their advertising solution.

Deployment management tool

The deployment management tool enables the created advertisement to be scheduled on specific venues at a specific time / date, or for a scheduled period of time.

Venue Control Interface (VCI)

Our easy to use VCI enables the venue to manage the types of content they require to be delivered to their player(s) This can also include music video, news content, weather reports, self promotion advertisement and 3rd party advertising etc. It also gives the venue control over the cost of 3rd party advertising in their venue, which will also enable them to generate an additional revenue stream.

Key Features

  • Networkable, with limitless connections
  • Live broadcast TV with custom text and graphic on top
  • Secure, user-friendly web interface
  • SWF Flash animation creator
  • Background music control option
  • Audio jingle control optionVenue
  • Control Interface
  • Deployment management tool
  • Advanced traffic reports
  • Music Video option